SecondWind seeks to create products that help you overcome exhaustion and find your second wind. SecondWind performance socks cultivate your inner vigor and channel your resilience. Our socks inspire restored energy wherever the path takes you.

The Brand

Experiencing a second wind brings restored energy and strength; it enables you to continue an undertaking despite its difficulties. These definitions inspired us to create US-Made performance socks that provide both athletes and US manufacturing with a refreshing second wind.

The Company

Hickory Brands Inc. has been manufacturing in the United States since 1923. What started as the Old Hickory Shoelace Company over 90 years ago is now the nationwide leader in shoelace manufacturing and distributor of shoe care, sports medicine, custom-molded insoles, and now, SecondWind performance socks.

US Made

SecondWind performance socks are made in North Carolina, USA. Our commitment to providing state-side jobs is what drives us to provide U.S. manufacturing with a refreshing second wind. We take pride in these high quality American-made products and are excited to share them with the world.