[ Seconds Wind™ ]
Our USA made products bring you full circle with technical support, comfort and compression for both your workout and quicker recovery afterwards.
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2ndwind™ makes you faster in competition and training with the guiding principle of fatigue reduction, muscular support, and vascular flow. Whether you're a seasoned athlete striving to reach a new PR or have just begun your fitness journey. 
Let your feet take you even further than before. Have your calves activate your response, Generate more power from your quads, and multiply your results with proper recovery and shock absorption.   
Our products offer engineered support for your lower body, the key elements of your kinetic chain. 
Our products allow you to achieve and surpass your goals with comfort and mobility. Your 2ndwind® is waiting here at 2ndwind.com and our certified retailers.
Think Possible, Not Impossible with 2ndwind. 
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